Средство для ухода за лодкой AUTOSOL MARINE WOOD & TEAK CLEANER, 500 МЛ

Артикул: 11923
Бренд: Autosol
16,00 €
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Marine Teakwood Cleaner for thorough cleaning of soiled and/or grey wooden surfaces on boats or outdoors. Low odour, good penetration and therefore good cleaning properties.
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Autosol High Performance Marine Super Gloss Polish produces highest gloss. It has been developed to effortlessly remove grinding marks and holograms caused by machine polishing or environmental influences. This polish produces brilliant high gloss and colour deepening. Suitable for all fibreglass gelcoat or painted surfaces. Suitable for both new and thoroughly cleaned surfaces. Product ideally as second step after use Marine Compound to remove polishing marks and create a high gloss. Removes light grinding marks (P3.000). Silicone-free. No pens.
Артикул: 11917
40,00 €
Autosol High Performance Marine Compound frees fibreglass gelcoat surfaces from heavy abrasive marks, dirt and damage caused by weathering, water pollution and sunlight. This is a fast sanding polish which is perfectly suited for the restoration of all surfaces and achieves an absolute high gloss. Suitable for removing grinding marks (P1.200 - 2.000). Silicone-free. No pens. Leaves no scratches/swirl marks.
Артикул: 11916
45,00 €
Maintains, polishes and preserves metals of all kinds. Leaves behind a radiant shine and provides long-lasting protection. Especially suitable for large areas. Easy to apply and easy to polish.
Артикул: 11919
5,00 €
Marine Waterline Cleaner is an effective cleaning agent for discoloured and algae covered boat surfaces at and above the waterline. It dissolves dirt and light coatings on metal, contains corrosion inhibitors.
Артикул: 11928
12,00 €
Очищает и защищает даже сильно загрязненные надувные лодки и буи. Подходит для всех поверхностей, сделанных из резины, Hypalonа, ПВХ и других подобных материалов. Удаляет жирные и маслянистые следы, а также пятна от воды и атмосферных воздействий. Герметирует поверхность слоем полимерного воска, устойчивого к погодным капризам.
Артикул: 11929
20,00 €