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Lenght, cm: 248
Width, cm: 130
Balloon diameter, cm: 34
PVC density, g/m2: 950
Lifting power, kg: 210
Passenger capacity, person: 1
Maximum engine power, HP: 3,5
Weight, kg: 20,4
Number of Balloon: 2
Warranty (year): 3

PVC boat
Two seats;
Two oars;
Foot pump;
Boat carrying bag
Repair kit and manual with warranty;
Kolibri K-250T Profi is designed for two people. If  you sailed away from the coast, you do not have to go back to have lunch or grab something to eat. Just push the two thwarts together and you have your dining table ready. These models are manufactured according to the latest hot air welding technology to ensure superior product quality for many years. A high-quality 5 layer PVC fabric from which the boats are made can withstand large loads. Even with a carrying capacity of 212 kg, the boat will take up little space in the trunk of your car.
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Lenght, cm: 270
Width, cm: 170
Balloon diameter, cm: 44
PVC density, g/m2: 1100
Lifting power, kg: 450
Passenger capacity, person: 2
Maximum engine power, HP: 8
Weight, kg: 45/60
Number of Balloon: 3+1
Warranty (year): 3

PVC boat
Two seats;
Two oars;
Foot pump;
Boat carrying bag
Repair kit and manual with warranty;
SKU: 12449
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Pikkus: 300 cm
Laius: 140 cm
Kaal: 30 kg
Ballooni diameeter: 38 cm
Balloonide arv: 2
Kandevõime: 340 kg
PVC tihendus: 950 g/m2
Max. lubatud mootori võimsus: 3,5 hp
Lubatud inimeste arv: 3
Paadiklass: C
Garantii: 3 aastat

Komplekti kuulub:

PVC paat - 1 tk
Jalgpump - 1 tk
Aerud - 2 tk
Veekindlast vineerist istmed - 1 tk
Paadi kandekott - 1 tk
Remondikomplekt (liim, PVC plaastrid) - 1 tk
Paadiomaniku kasutusjuhend koos garantiiga
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