Средство для ухода за лодкой AUTOSOL MARINE COMPUND, 1 Л

Артикул: 11916
Бренд: Autosol
45,00 €
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Autosol High Performance Marine Compound frees fibreglass gelcoat surfaces from heavy abrasive marks, dirt and damage caused by weathering, water pollution and sunlight. This is a fast sanding polish which is perfectly suited for the restoration of all surfaces and achieves an absolute high gloss. Suitable for removing grinding marks (P1.200 - 2.000). Silicone-free. No pens. Leaves no scratches/swirl marks.
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Autosol High Performance Marine Protection Coating seals and protects all painted and fibreglass gelcoat surfaces. It leaves behind a protective layer which reliably protects against many environmental influences as well as against new contamination. The sealant creates a hydrophobic surface that is resistant to rain and sea water. This minimizes the formation of salt and water stains. This coating reduces algae adhesion on the surface.
Артикул: 11918
45,00 €
Quickly and reliably tackles aggressive bird and insect excrement on all glass, gelcoat, chrome and plastic parts of your boat or car.
Артикул: 11921
12,00 €
Идеально подходит для чистки поверхностей из нержавеющей стали, матовых поверхностей, эмалированных металлических поверхностей, а также поверхностей цветных металлов на транспортных средствах. Подходит также для промышленных и бытовых рабочих поверхностей. Одобрено для использования в местах приготовления пищи.
Артикул: 11922
12,00 €
For gentle removal of surface rust, paint spray mist and stubborn dirt. Fine scratches and scrapes are almost completely removed and the surface is polished to a new shine.
Артикул: 11927
16,00 €
Marine Waterline Cleaner is an effective cleaning agent for discoloured and algae covered boat surfaces at and above the waterline. It dissolves dirt and light coatings on metal, contains corrosion inhibitors.
Артикул: 11928
12,00 €