Средство для ухода за лодкой AUTOSOL BIRD & SPIDER STAIN REMOVER

Артикул: 11921
Бренд: Autosol
12,00 €
Кол-во: - +
Quickly and reliably tackles aggressive bird and insect excrement on all glass, gelcoat, chrome and plastic parts of your boat or car.
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Protects the paint with high-performance nanocomponents and modern polymers. Brilliant deep shine and an extremely long-lasting sealant protect the paint from adverse weather conditions. Water just rolls off. Suitable for all paints.
Артикул: 11924
26,00 €
Autosol High Performance Marine Protection Coating seals and protects all painted and fibreglass gelcoat surfaces. It leaves behind a protective layer which reliably protects against many environmental influences as well as against new contamination. The sealant creates a hydrophobic surface that is resistant to rain and sea water. This minimizes the formation of salt and water stains. This coating reduces algae adhesion on the surface.
Артикул: 11918
45,00 €
Marine Teakwood Cleaner for thorough cleaning of soiled and/or grey wooden surfaces on boats or outdoors. Low odour, good penetration and therefore good cleaning properties.
Артикул: 11923
16,00 €
Восстанавливает глянцевый блеск выветренных, матовых и металлических окрашенных поверхностей, удаляет мельчайшие царапины и герметизирует поверхность погодоустойчивыми полимерными смолами. Также подходит для окрашенных пластмассовых деталей и поверхностей гелькоута.
Артикул: 11926
20,00 €
For gentle removal of surface rust, paint spray mist and stubborn dirt. Fine scratches and scrapes are almost completely removed and the surface is polished to a new shine.
Артикул: 11927
16,00 €