Unibox for PRAKTIK Murena camera

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Brand: Praktik
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Screen 5 "-inch HD color monitor Screen resolution 960 x 480
Video camera viewing angle wide angle - 130º
Video camera resolution 720 x 288
Photo resolution 720 x 288
Digital Image Zoom: No
Video camera cable length 15m (30m optional)
Breaking load of video cable 15 kg
Camera backlight 2 LEDs + 4 IR LEDs
External Operating temperature -20 / + 60° C
Temperature sensor
Depth sensor
Charge indicator
Compass function
Photo record
Video recording
Night shooting
Horizontal shooting
Vertical shooting
Li-ion battery
Battery capacity 10,000 mAh
Battery charging input 1.micro USB 2.0 2
Battery working time: up to 6 hours
Magnetic compass
Overall dimensions: 155 x 109 x 70
Weight: 675 g

With the underwater camera Praktik Murena you can always find fish, examine in detail the features of the bottom relief, detect driftwood and dumps, choose the required depth for fishing, choose the best option for tackle and bait. As a result, fishing will become more productive and very exciting.

The Murena underwater camera has excellent optics with excellent resolution. As a result, you get a clear picture even in low light. When there is not enough lighting, there are two backlight options to choose from: LED and infrared, and each of them has the ability to adjust the light intensity. This is an important aspect when using the camera in muddy water or bad weather.

Also, unlike other similar cameras, this model has sensors: pressure and temperature. It can display data on how deep it is located and how the water is heated. For those anglers who have figured out the effect of the thermocline (a layer of water in which the temperature gradient differs sharply from the gradients of higher and lower layers. It occurs in the presence of non-mixing layers of water with different temperatures.) On the behavior of fish and its activity, this function of the camera will be evaluated deservedly.